Manjaro Mate 17.0 ( rc )

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Manjaro Mate 17.0 ( rc )


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Hi Community , i'm happy to announce the avaiability of the ISOs for MATE 17.0 in RC state .

No big improvment after beta3 release only two note this is build with our stable branch , no plymouth and this is a hybrid iso : during the install with our installer Calamares you can choiche the pkgs to keep in the final installation .

If no big issues are present i think to do the final release ( plus or minus equal ) next week or before.

Stefano Capitani
Manjaro Team

Download Manjaro Mate 17.0 rc

Manjaro LXQT und XFCE Stable, Testing, Unstable
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Graka: AMD/ATI Radeon R7
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