Manjaro LXDE 17.0.1 (stable)


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Manjaro LXDE 17.0.1 (stable)


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The Manjaro LXDE Community Edition 17.0.1 is ready for Download!!

Thx to everyone that helped on this release. Lxde is the lightest full Desktop Environment available (by full I mean except for the standalone window managers like openbox, i3, etc...). This edition is suitable for really weak hardware. This edition has a basic but full featured installation (simple tools to get things done and AUR support by default), and the ability to choose extra software. You need internet connection during the installation procedure.

Features worth mentioning:

Keyboard shortcuts for tiling on sides and corners: Super+Keypad 1-9
3 custom file manager actions: Edit as Root, Open Folder as Root, Set as Wallpaper.

Changes from the 17.0.1-rc1 release:

I have replaced the breath-wallpaper with the lxde-breath wallpaper.

[img width=600 height=375][/img]

Theme: Vertex Maia
Icons: Arc Maia
Cursor: Adwaita
Logout-Banner: Custom logout banner based on breath wallpaper.
Wallpaper: Special thx to @muser for creating the default lxde-breath wallpaper as well as other 4 awesome wallpapers which are included in the package lxde-wallpapers and they are located at /usr/share/backgrounds. If you want more awesome wallpapers, go to his topic here:

Download Manjaro LXDE 17.0.1 stable

Manjaro LXQT und XFCE Stable, Testing, Unstable
CPU: AMD Quad Core A8 3,6GHz
Graka: AMD/ATI Radeon R7
Treiber: Free
Kernel: 4.20