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Hello i686ers!

This is a bit of a weird update set given the issues with resetting the repos. Essentially, with this set the three branches are now re-aligned correctly; all packages should be caught up, and all the correct library versions should be in place.

There’s an update to the archlinux32-keyring package. If you haven’t added that to the SyncFirst field in /etc/pacman.conf then you should update that package before updating the rest of the system, e.g.:

sudo pacman -Syy archlinux32-keyring
sudo pacman -Syu
Everything else should be a pretty standard update.

Anyone who would like to help out testing the upstream packages, please read the archlinux32 thread for details about how they automate their testing process and how to get involved:

(running this in an archlinux32 VM would be fine, there will hopefully be a way of doing this directly from within manjaro32 in the future)

Available kernels

Series       Version
linux316     3.16.56
linux41       4.1.51
linux44       4.4.127
linux49       4.9.93
linux414     4.14.34


If you find manjaro32 useful please consider donating to, or helping out with, archlinux32. It’s a small team taking on a huge project and any help will no doubt be very much appreciated.

Why aren’t the available packages/package versions the same as x86_64?

archlinux32 packages are based on Arch packages but may need editing to build correctly. Builds of less-popular packages are lower priority.

Manjaro-specific packages may lag behind x86_64 because there aren’t as many packagers. If you notice an important package is lagging please report it; at the moment it’s only me packaging for i686:

 [manjaro32] Out-of-date Manjaro package report
Manjaro Development
Using manjaro32 and spotted an out-of-date Manjaro package? First, check the Manjaro GitHub sources for core, extra, and community. If it’s in the GitHub sources, it’s a Manjaro package. Alternatively, check the Arch package list to see whether the package is one likely to be built by archlinux32. If it’s a Manjaro package, and it’s out-of-date, report here.

I’m only packaging current LTS kernels. Any marked as EOL are dropped. I’ll not be building the mainline kernel.

What about security updates?

I cannot guarantee timely security updates on x32-stable. If this is critical for you I recommend you switch to x32-testing or cherry-pick those packages from x32-testing or x32-unstable as they become available.

Something broke. Isn’t this meant to be stable?

“Stable” means “infrequently changing”, not “everything will work perfectly all the time”. If you want it to mean everything works, you need to help test the things you’re interested in.

What about installer images?

Phil very kindly spun some preview installer images:

 17.1.1-rc1-testing Xfce 32-bit installer image
Manjaro Development
@philm decided it was high time that manjaro32 had some installer images so has been busy spinning Xfce, GNOME and KDE images. At this point, only Xfce works well enough to be considered for release, but that’s fine - Xfce is the most appropriate DE for any older machine. To get some wider testing before making this "fully " available, the image can be downloaded from: Be aware, 17.1.1-rc2 is built against t…
There will be a new release as soon as I refresh myself on how to do it. :slight_smile:

What about x32-testing and x32-unstable?

These are already available, and I recommend you use x32-testing if you can to make sure testing is done.

x32-unstable should be used by anyone who wants to try and find any issues before they impact other people. If you have multiple/many machines you really should run one of those on x32-unstable.

Manjaro LXQT und XFCE Stable, Testing, Unstable
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Re: 2018-04-15 - Kernel 4.14, GNOME 3.28.1, catch-up [Stable Update x32]
« Antwort #1 am: 19. April 2018, 08:25:51 »
Alle meine Rechner sind auf dem aktuellen Stable-Stand mit dem 4.16er Kernel. Alles gut ohne irgendwelche Zicken. Habe gerade überlegt, wann ich das letzte Mal ernsthafte Schwierigkeiten nach einem Update hatte - es ist sehr lange her. Manjaro ist ein fantastisches Betriebssystem. So geht IT! Ein herzliches Dankeschön an das Team!