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Andere Manjaro Community Versionen / Re: Manjaro elementary Edition
« Letzter Beitrag von dphn am Heute um 08:14:14 »
Habe einen kleinen Fehler entdeckt. Die Funktion "Logout" funktioniert nicht. Die .xinitrc und .xsession des Live-Users sind versehentlich nach /etc/skel gerutscht. Ich werde das am Wochenende fixen und außerdem gibt's seit Montag eine neue WPS-Office Suite, die ich gerade verpasst hatte. Es gibt also nochmal ein neues Image Anfang Juli. ???
Hatte ein Problem. Bei mir war der Kernel 4.11 im GRUB auswählbar, aber der PC konnte mit dem Kernel nicht booten.
Es sind mehrere Fehlermeldungen gekommen (es wurden die zwei SSD's nicht gefunden und man landete dann in irgendeiner Konsole.

Also habe ich mit Kernel 4.9 gebootet, und dann gesehen das der Kernel 4.11 nicht mehr installiert war.

Kernel 4.11 nochmals installiert und alles läuft wieder.
Manjaro Cinnamon Edition / Manjaro-Cinnamon 17.0.2
« Letzter Beitrag von Blueriver am 27. Juni 2017, 11:00:06 »
Manjaro Cinnamon 17.0.2 is now online.

[ NOTE: For a few hours last night a first version of Cinnamon ISOs was online that included a bug with greeter-configuration. I have now (Tue 27 Jun 08:08:26 UTC) fixed and replaced the files.
sha1sums of the good ones are:
32bit: a92e927b81989088cbfb2caab8397a7efba10792
64bit: 7f2c5c42ab61d244a3d1bed1036d28da084da510 ]


Cinnamon 3.4.2
Complete X-apps stack (pix, xed, xplayer, xreader, xviewer)
new lightdm-slick-greeter
additional beautiful wallpapers contributed by @muser and @ant
Calamares 3.1.1

Now also included is our TUI-alround-netinstaller Manjaro-architect 0.8.13 a utility not specific to the cinnamon edition, but to install any Manjaro system you like.



|Manjaro Enlightenment, Deepin, ARM, E20, JWM ,i3, PekWM, Budgie| / Manjaro-i3 17.0.2
« Letzter Beitrag von Blueriver am 27. Juni 2017, 07:02:44 »
The new snapshot-release 17.0.2 of Manjaro-i3 is online.


i3-gaps 4.13
customized, preconfigured i3status-manjaro 2.11
dmenu-manjaro 4.16-12 patched with recency-awareness and mouse-support
additional categorized menu morc_menu
alsa pre-installed with install_pulse script for easy upgrade to pulseaudio
pamac package manager
lxappearance and nitrogen for customization
lxinput for mouse and keyboard configuration
bmenu, ranger, moc and a varietyof more CLI-utilities
compton, dunst, i3-scrot, i3-exit and *conky**
pcmanfm file-browser
palemoon internet browser
gimp, viewnior, epdfview, manjaro-printer
vlc, xfburn

hexchat, transmission-gtk
manjaro-chroot, gparted, isousb
group and yaourt for AUR access are pre-installed

Installer Calamares v3.1.1 and now additionally also manjaro-architect v0.8.13 that lets you install not only the i3-edition, but any Manjaro system.

Latest addition is a little script to conveniently integrate Vertex(-Maia) themes for Firefox and Palemoon. ff-theme-util, monitors for gtk-theme changes and creates the needed symlinks in Firefox or Palemoon user profiles to the theme's 'chrome' folder automatically.

ranger configuration received a fix for image preview
default keyboard for navigation is now English QWERTY
$EDITOR variable is now properly exported
config has been prepared for @unix121's themes and scripts.
wallpapers have been updated with beautiful new contributions by @muser and @ant
Thank you to everyone for your constant feedback and creative contributions.
It makes me really happy how especially the Manjaro-i3 edition has grown and matured, together with its competent users.
I believe we can be proud of a quite unique i3-community with a remarkable 'tradition' inside a Linux distribution.


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